A high concentration of active substances, combined with precious natural and organic ingredients, this is the essence of the new and exclusive cosmeceutical line EMA BART Firenze.
Regenerating, moisturizing, anti-aging and protective, this luxurious collection of creams will give health, wellness and allure to your skin.

Brand new and innovative formulations to fight external aggression and physiological aging processes, to improve microcirculation and cellular nourishment and to stimulate skin rejuvenation.
For a healthy, smooth, compact and luminous skin.

EMA BART has been developed by Dr. Emanuela Bartolozzi after many years of study, research, dedication and passion.
Dr. Bartolozzi is an expert in Anti-Aging Medicine and Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) and during her continuous scientific research, she noticed the use of harmful substances in most popular creams on the market. As a consequence, she decided to develop formulas that respect the balance and health of the skin acting as real natural remedies.

Reaching and exceeding the desired effects – tested and visible within a short time on herself and on her patients – Dr. Emanuela Bartolozzi has created and launched EMA BART, an exquisite fusion of Science and Nature.

EMA BART Collection


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