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Hyalu Flor Lotion

Hyalu-Flor Lotion

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Daniela Poggi

Daniela Poggi

I’m a woman and I’m an actress and I’m vegan! I love when people appreciate my skin saying “ what a wonderful compact and luminous

Galatea Ranzi

I’m happy to send my message to as many people as possible: my age allows me to recognize when a fruit is ripe before tasting

Luca Argentero

I encountered EMA BART’s creams on the set of my last film – “COPPERMAN” – and I can testify that they are really great!  Using

Massimo Poggio

For an actor, taking care of his face is essential. In EMA BART I finally found a precious ally and a natural solution to all

Iaia Forte

I have always had a special passion for creams, considering the job I do, and discovering EMA BART’s products was great!
Organic and active,

Caterina Carpinella

I never believed that just by using a cream you could see the difference…. Before I never got attached to any product, I constantly changed,

Letizia Cini

I personally tested some products created by Doctor Emanuela Bartolozzi, containing only high concentration of active substances and 100% natural ingredients, Eco and Organic certified.

Ilaria Legato

Since I discovered the EMA BART Creams, I cannot use anything else! Finally I have realized how important natural ingredients are and how, if they

Alice Pucci

A few weeks ago I was initiated to the collection of EMA BART products: natural and organic certified creams, containing high concentration of active substances.

Melina Mulas

The skin has always been considered a mirror of our soul, so taking care of its beauty is not a matter of vanity but a

Bebetta Campeti

I had the privilege to test pre-release for years Emanuela’s creams. She is a dear friend and my trusted medical doctor. I can confirm that

Vincenza La Placa

I own a Bio vegetarian Restaurant-bar and market that I run since twenty-five years. I’m very engaged in managing a staff of fourteen people and

Alba Bertagnolli Hemingway

I learned to take care of my skin, when I was still a child, by watching my mother in her daily beauty routine. Since then,

Cristina Carpinella

Due to Sjogren’s syndrome, my skin was dry, cracked, always flushed by wind, sun and cold. I tried many cosmetic products without finding a solution.

Valentina Banci

Valentina Banci

l’m often on tour for my work as a performer, and I tend to subject my skin to considerable stress, both for lifestyle reasons and


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