Dr Emanuela Bartolozzi has expressed, directly from her own spirit and her own passion, the realization of a dream: EMA BART Firenze. After graduating with honors from the School of Medicine and Surgery at the University of Florence, Emanuela followed her path by expanding her studies in alternative medicine such as Nutraceuticals, Non-Conventional and Environmental Medicine. For years, Emanuela had suffered a tedious dermatological problem which made her feel uncomfortable and inadequate. Without success, she applied countless creams until the naturopath within her decided to get to work and find a valid and efficient remedy to improve her quality of life and maybe even that of others. Our inner light is shielded by a layer of skin that is not able to breathe; it becomes inflamed and damaged by inferior products and a compromised lifestyle.

This is what motivated Emanuela to become a pioneer of Anti-Aging Medicine in Italy, concentrating on the creation of products aimed at counteracting the passage of time and the accumulation of many factors that stress and compromise our skin. She studied in order to create this exclusive line of cosmetics, EMA BART Firenze, which came to be, after over a decade of research, dedication and sacrifice. Her anti-aging formula includes a concentration of the highest quality organic ingredients in order to give us health, beauty and wellness to our skin.

Regenerating, moisturizing. protective and anti-aging, this line possesses formulas which are absolutely innovative and counteract external aggressions and the physiological process of aging while improving microcirculation, nourishing at the cellular level and stimulating the rejuvenation of the skin for a healthy, smooth, firm and glowing look.

The work of Emanuela goes beyond the creation of formulas that respect a balanced and healthy skin and act as an authentic and natural treatment. There is also much attention given to the environmental impact, both in the choice of primary ingredients from certified organic sources to the packaging.

Emanuela created and launched EMA BART after having tested these products on her own skin and on that of her patients under treatment. She continuously found a noticeable improvement in a short period of time. Thanks to the satisfaction and encouragement of men and women who participated in her research, Emanuela was able to find the motivation to realize this project.


EMA BART Firenze is the realized dream of a woman who has dedicated her life to illustrate

that science and nature can coexist for a lasting love.


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