NEWS: Spa Exfoliating Scrub

 In Novità

Innovative treatment, indicated to eliminate dead cells  

giving freshness, brightness and comfort even to the most 

delicate skin.

Acting on the surface layer of our skin, SPA EXFOLIATING SCRUB eliminates dead cells, stimulating cell regeneration.

The improvements are visible since the first applications, the skin is brighter and more homogeneous.

This powerful scrub is perfect for those of us who want to get ready for tanning or those who simply want a deep cleaning.




Lactobionic Acid

Thanks to the great action of Lactobionic Acid all the dead cells are uniformly eliminated

and the neo-synthesis of collagen is stimulated giving brightness to the skin and attenuating the melanin discoloration.

The extracts of Hamamelis, Caper, Prickly Pear and Polyphenols from Olive leaves.

These powerfull extracts, give to this exclusive product special

soothing properties, making it suitable for all skin types.



After cleaning your skin, distribute the product on your face, neck, décolleté and hands.

Then, gently massage with circular movements for 1 or 2 minutes, avoiding the eye area.

Hold it for another minute and then rinse it.





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