Turmeric is considered to have important anti-inflammatory and immunomodulating properties.
Various studies demonstrate how its topical application can contribute to the rapid improvement of inflammatory lesions on the skin’s surface. 
Research in molecular medicine has clarified that active substances present in the root can easily permeate the lipid surface and inhibit certain genes involved in inflammatory development like NF-kB.
In addition, turmeric modulates the activity of the immune system, avoiding possible autoimmune reactions relating to the skin, as well as contributing to the reinforcement of
the functions of the skin’s barrier.
This precious Ayurvedic spice also demonstrates a potent healing action which promotes and accelerates tissue regeneration of the epidermis in cases of wounds and burns.
Turmeric also aids photoprotection. Recent studies have demonstrated how the topical application of this spice can both prevent the consequences related to excessive exposure to ultraviolet rays and also allow quick healing.
This prodigious root seems to have even more potential dermatological attributes, although not yet supported by sufficient scientific studies.
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