This extract is from the leaves of Vitis Vinifera, the climbing plant belonging to the Vitaceae family.
Chemically, it is composed of anthocyanosides and proanthocyanidins, it performs a vasoprotective action that reduces the permeability of the capillaries and increase
their resistance. It also includes procyanidins which have an antioxidant
effect and is useful in preventing skin aging, also thanks to the marked inhibitory action of the MMP2 metalloproteinases, responsible for the degradation of collagen and other proteins such as elastin.
The richness of polyphenols of the Red Vine leaves contributes in fact to keep the skin elastic by counteracting the degradation of collagen and elastin, also the present vitamins perform antioxidant and vitaminizing properties.
Red grape seed extract is therefore ideal against wrinkles and to protect the skin from UV rays damage, also from radical actions due to natural or chemical agents.
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