More than a woman and I’m an actress and I’m vegan! I love when people appreciate my skin saying “ what a wonderful compact and luminous skin you have”. It doesn’t have to be a compliment but an evidence. The years mark the ground and my skincare is always my priority. It’s synonymous of respect and love for myself, my job and the others. Lately I changed a lot of brands not finding what I was looking for: animal free, vegan, biological,no silicon, no perfume, substantial that truly hidrates and nourishes, gentle for the eyes, good as a make up base, and at the skin touch should give a sensation of real essence. Here it comes Ema Bart, finally I’m home and I feel protect. Because inside my cremes there are all the competence and knowledge, love and passion of doctor Emanuela Bartolozzi. After knowing her I can only give affirm that I am truly grateful. Keep on going, Ema Bart, you’ll be always with me.

Job: Actor


I’m happy to send my message to as many people as possible: my age allows me to recognize good fruits before tasting to aplly lipstic without a mirror, and so on...As soon as I tested EMA BART cream, I immediately recognized the great quality of these products, their interaction with my skin and their compatibility with our cells.I had the pleasure to meet personally Emanuela Bartolozzi and I noticed something rare in her: she has a sense of “mission” giving benefit and support, not only on the surface, but on the depth, , I dare to say …into the soul! My skin thanks… and so do I!

Job: Actor


I met EMA BART’s creams on the set of one of my movies and I can testify that they are really great! Using them I feel my skin more moisturized and soft. Also, I greatly appreciate the absence of added parfumes : from the smell it feels that they are totally natural. I will certainly continue to use them.

Job : Actor


For an actor, take care of the face is essential. In EMA BART I finally found a precious ally and a natural solution to all little and big problems that aging brings with. A really amazing cosmetic line! Thanks Emanuela

Job: Actor


I’ve always had a special passion for creams, considered the job I do, and discovering EMA BART’s products has been fantastic! Organic and active, they give my skin special nourishment and brightness! I'll never give them up!!!

Job: Actor


I never believed that just using a cream you could see the difference…. In fact I never got attached to any product, I constantly changed, and I never felt fully satisfied. Now, thanks to this new cosmetic line, less than two weeks later, I had to change my mind and “stop”! For the first time, after testing a lot of different brands, I know that I am not spending my money for the brand, but for the very high quality of the cream itself, for its ingredients and active substances. The skin appears REALLY moisturized, softer, firmed and brighter. I recommend try to believe…the rest is mere talk!

Job: Movie Producer


I personally tested some products created by Doctor Emanuela Bartolozzi, containing only high concentration of active substances and 100% natural ingredients, Eco and Organic certified. The skin appears different to the touch just one week later, recovering elasticity and firmness, and even pores look closer. I use the Rigenerating Night Cream, the Firming and Revitalizing Multivitamin Cream and the Eye and Lip Intensive Contour Cream: for me they are extraordinary. But it is mostly the Elixir that I find essential for a mature skin like mine, for its deep moisturizing effect. Furthermore, I feel safe as well for my health because all EMA BART’s products don’t contain petroleum derivatives, as paraffin, preservatives, parabens, Formaldehyde releasing factors, mineral oils, dyes or other toxic substances.

Job: Journalist - QN Quotidiano Nazionale


Since I discovered the EMA BART Creams, I cannot use anything else! Finally, I have realized how important natural ingredients are and how, if they are blended in the right way, they can really have therapeutic effects on the skin, with results on both health and aesthetic level, highlighting the complexion and giving my skin a luminosity and compactness never seen before.

Job: IED Teacher, Communication Designer


A few weeks ago, I was suggested to use EMA BART’s products: natural and organic certified creams, containing high concentration of active substances. Even if normally, I don’t believe in miraculous effects of moisturizing or “anti-age” creams, I bought the Anti-Aging Serum and two creams: the Firming and Revitalizing Multivitamin Cream for the day, and the Regenerating Night Cream. Well, after  few days the tone and look of my skin changed, appearing firmer and lighter. Actually, I was amazed by the almost immediate effect of these creams and I’m looking forward to test the other products of this wonderful line.

Job: Lawyer


Skin is always considered our soul mirror, so, taking care of its beauty it’s not matter of vanity but responsibility… EMA BART ‘s creams nourish not only the skin but our five senses…No cream I’ve ever tried before gave me the feeling of self-love and deeply take care of myself that’s the feeling since I have started to use EMA BART’s products, and the result is amazing, it is wonderful

Job: Photographer


I had the privilege to test pre-release Emanuela Bartolozzi’s creams for years. She is a dear friend and my doctor of trust. I can confirm that these creams are very pleasant to use and most of all they make the skin wonderful. I would not change them for all the money in the world.

Job: Aurora Festival's Director


I have owned a Bio vegetarian Restaurant-bar and market for 25 years. I’m very busy managing 14 persons and that cause me a lot of stress, that shows on my face, always red, with rosacea and dry skin. I never found a cream, even organic, suitable for my skin: each product I used didnt allow my skin to breath and irritated my eyes. Since I use EMA BART “Moisturizing Cream for Sensitive Skin” I found my balance: finally I can say I found my second skin.This cream protects me every day without any discomfort, my face becomes lighter and brighter, my skin is velvety to the touch and the rosacea is definitely improved. Now my cheeks become red only when I am excited. I can not live without EMA BART’s creams anymore.

Job: Owner of “La Raccolta” restaurant, Florence


I learned to take care of my skin when I was still a child, watching my mother in her daily beauty routine. Since then, I have searched and I have tried the best brands on the market. My experience though was simply having layers of products sitting on the surface of the skin. Finally, Emanuela, tireless and demanding researcher, created this superb and unique line of products. These creams melt into your skin, giving you a feeling of well-being and nourishment. The results are stunning. Thank you Emanuela for your commitment and for the love which is at the source of this project. Since discovering EMA BART, I have looked no further!.

Job: Yoga teacher


Due to Sjogren’s Syndrome, my skin was dry, cracked, always flushed from the wind, sun and cold. I tried many cosmetic products without finding any solution. Then, finally, I tested EMA BART Moisturizing Cream for Sensitive Skin and, just after a few weeks, my skin returned moisturized, firm and smooth as it was before!

Job: Freelance


I travel frequently for work , in tournée and it happen to subject my skin to considerable amount of stress. Part from my lifestyle and also beacuse often happens to use heavy stage make-up. The first time I tried Ema Bart products it seemed to me that my whole face was appreciating, suddendly it was regenerated. It was an immediate great feeling, and I always trust my instincts. It was a real love at first sight, which has now become a great love. My skin have never been so radiant, nourished and hydrated. Ema Bart, here is my sincere statement: you are special, I love you and I will always love you! Thnaks Emanuela, this uniqueness is you. Valentina Banci

Job: Actor