Graduated with honors in Medicine and Surgery at the University of Florence, always passionate about nutrition and natural therapies, she has created a personal formative path following Master’s Degrees, Schools of Specialization and Courses in: Anti-Aging, Cosmetic Sciences, Clinical Environmental Medicine, PNEI (Psycho-Neuro-Endocrine-Immunology), Oxygen-Ozone Therapy, Homotoxicology, Phytotherapy, Mycotherapy, Clinical Nutrition, Nutraceuticals, Nutrigenomics, Epigenetics, Microbiota.


EMA BART FIRENZE is the result of the passion and research of Dr. Emanuela Bartolozzi, medical expert in Anti-Aging Medicine. In her path of study, including a specialization in Cosmethic Science at the University of Milan, she felt the need to create a cosmetic line of products that truly performed as real nourishment and treatment for the skin.

The line of products that she had in mind needed to be completely natural, with high concentration of active ingredients, based on oils, butters, plants and botanical extract from organic agricolture associated with blends and active molecules from the researches of the most advanced laboratories in Europe.
The sensibility of Dr. Bartolozzi for the environment and personal health is well reflected in the mission of the brand: EMA BART FIRENZE is, indeed, an eco-friendly and certified organic line of products.


Our health closely depends on the health of the planet.
Therefore our Mission is to create high quality and high concentration products with the lowest possible environmental impact.
We use certified organic raw materials, for our production we have not used pesticides and toxic substances that would damage the environment and remain as residues in the final products.
Are excluded from our formulations synthetic chemicals such as petroleum derivatives, silicones and certain types of preservatives.
The packaging was also chosen from a green point of view, preferring glass, aluminum and recycled plastic.
To save paper and plastic, our packages are not shrink wrapped but sealed with small transparent labels and do not have inside leaflets: all the necessary information is shown on the box.

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"Our Health and our beauty are strongly connected to the respect and love to ouselves and to the planet"

Dr. Emanuela Bartolozzi


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