We often hear about face masks. But do we really know what they are or what are the real benefits that our skin can derive from them?

The inclusion of the face mask is essential in the beauty routine because it carries out a very deep and targeted action, making the skin immediately healthier and more luminous.

Let's find out why together.....

There are different types of masks on the market, some specific for skin type and others for the final result you want to obtain (moisturizing, exfoliating, astringent, nourishing, anti-inflammatory, etc….)

Our Miracle Spa Mask, in particular, thanks to the active ingredients contained in its formulation, it has a moisturizing and illuminating primarily action, and for some of its ingredients, such as Allantoin, Glycyrrhetic Acid it also performs an anti-inflammatory action: it is therefore a transversal product that can be used whenever a "shock" treatment is needed for particularly stressed skin, or to obtain an immediate beauty flash, the results of which are clearly visible on the skin right away.

The highly illuminating action is essential to keep the skin more elastic and visibly healthier and more hydrated.

In fact, water is an essential element for our skin, at all levels, so it can be able to perform its protective function. However, every day, part of these important liquids evaporate in the process of regulating the internal temperature and therefore must be replenished. This is how moisturizing masks prove to be an important gesture for the beauty routine of all skin types, in all seasons to combat dehydration.

The natural perspiratio insensibilis, in fact, is only one of the many causes of skin dehydration; many other factors contribute to the loss of fluids, first of all an unhealthy lifestyle or external elements that can attack the skin such as pollution, sudden changes in temperature, smoking and alcohol, particular pathologies or simply genetic predisposition.

To maintain the well-being and health of the skin it is therefore essential to restore the correct percentage of humidity, so as to avoid incurring unpleasant effects, including premature skin aging, responsible not only for imperfections such as wrinkles, spots and dull skin, but also of acne, skin inflammation and dermatitis.

Moisturizing face masks, therefore, are very useful for both preventing and avoiding the loss of skin hydration, helping to maintain the degree of humidity necessary for the well-being of the skin of the face.

In particular, they act to repair, reactivate and support the natural lipid barrier of the face, starting from the ingredients from which it is composed. So, if on the one hand ,they go to recall the water molecules in the most superficial layers of the skin, on the other they replenish the missing lipid components.

How to make the most of its benefits?

-Prepare the skin: the mask, first of all, must be applied to cleansed, toned and dry skin, therefore without any type of make-up or other creams. It is also recommended to perform a delicate face scrubs immediately before applying the mask, to prepare the skin to absorb all the active ingredients contained in its formulation.

-The processing time indicated on the packaging must be scrupulously followed. Very often it is thought that by exponentially increasing the processing time the results are more effective: nothing could be more wrong, indeed it can sometimes prove to be counterproductive. In the case of leave-on masks, on the other hand, it is used a longer processing time, the product is slowly absorbed by the skin during the night or over a rather long period, without the need of any rinsing. The Miracle Spa Mask Ema Bart belongs to the latter category: it can be left safely to act overnight to fully take advantage of all its benefits.

-The frequency of application must be regular: it is useless to do it once a year ... normally it is recommended to use it weekly or twice a week. Monthly treatment is recommended for some skin types or masks.


What to do next?

Once the processing time is over, almost all cream masks should be delicately removed with a tissue or cotton pad, while the cleansing and toning masks should be rinsed.

As a general rule, it is good to apply a generous layer of moisturizer or anti-aging cream to keep the skin soft, hydrated and luminous for as long as possible.

Face masks therefore become a valid ally for maintaining and restoring the natural luminosity and hydration of the skin, if included in a regular beauty routine as part of a real wellness treatment .