Over the past year we have seen and understood how a healthy body and mind can be two fundamental allies to face not only the pandemic, but also every aspect of our life 

Epigenetics, a new branch of medicine that explains how the environment influences our DNA, is showing us how everything that comes into contact with our body and our psyche, causes a reaction at the level of our genome, activating certain genes and turning off others.



The aging process is not something unavoidable.

It has been shown that  our daily choices can affect it up to 70%.

There are some habits that accelerate the aging process, while others seem to expand time..

It should also be considered that the biological mechanisms that lead to the aging of our cells are the same that cause chronic degenerative diseases.

Therefore, being careful to block them, or rather, not to activate them means not only maintaining a younger appearance but also safeguarding our health. .


All this will help us to better  express our inner and outer beauty,and will allow us to feel at our best

Here are some tips to take care of our mind and body

First of all, it is important to  have a check-up of our body . Do you have persistent pains? Do you experience major illnesses? 

Do not neglect yourself and discuss the matter with professional doctors to help you evaluate the problem.

Eat well and Hydrate

A healthy diet rich in fruit and vegetables, fresh and organic foods is essential to keep young and healthy

An adequate hydration, by drinking at least 2 liters of water a day, tones the cells and keeps the body purified


Take supplements

Nutraceuticals, or superfoods, based on a personal need

These, in fact, help to support the body's functions in periods particularly intense and/or stressful.

Regain or maintain a healthy weight

It is not just an aesthetic issue: reducing the amount of adipose tissue means being less inflamed and lowering many other risk factors.

It is good to remember that the weight of the body, for various reasons, can fluctuate by about 3 kg over the course of the years

Therefore, we should embrace this trend without worrying and nagging ourselves but respecting the above advice.


With diets, periodic fasts, herbs, etc. but always consulting a doctor first to evaluate your personal situation.

Let's take care of the microbiota

Keep our microbiota healthy and regulate gastro-intestinal functions. We live with almost 2 kg of microorganisms to which we offer food and accommodation and in return they produce vitamins, help us digest, support the liver in the detoxification processes, keep our immune defenses strong, act as a personal trainer and much more. 


Moderate and constant to keep the body and mind young and flexible


It sounds silly but sleep is the key to keep our skin youthful. Sleeping at least 7-8 hours, respecting our biological clock, i.e. going to bed around 10 or 11 pm, will help the regeneration of the cells and the recovery of the whole body, making us feel much better.


Avoid chronic stress

Through practices such as Meditation, Yoga, Tai Chi and breathing techniques but also taking time for ourselves and for the things that give us pleasure and relax us, such as a massage or a day at the SPA..

Oxygenate the cells

Periodically do therapies to keep cells, tissues and our skin oxygenated, such as oxygen-ozone therapy and carboxytherapy

 Avoid smoking

Besides not smoking, it would be better not to overdo alcohol and drugs and avoid toxic substances such as pesticides and environmental pollutants.

Avoid long sun exposure

Especially in the hottest hours, use adequate sun protection based on your phototype.

Moisturize the skin

Care and nourish constantly the skin, using good quality products rich in active ingredients and follow a constant beauty routine.

Let the joy in

As well as the fun and lightness in our life..


Maintain deep emotional relationships and friendships, express your sexuality and maintain a spiritual outlook on life.

Accept and love each other in our uniqueness