Cup: 12057.23072018.127000591

Description of the project:

Starting from the current geographical composition of non-EU turnover equal to zero, the investment program has the strategic objective of strengthening the company's presence on certain foreign markets or entering new ones, directing its internationalization activities in particular towards figure of the distributor and importer, or that type of operator whose role on the market is the intermediation between the manufacturing company and the retail market. This choice is based on the fact that the company, being a micro enterprise and not having the strength to be able to operate directly with retail (which requires very high promotional efforts in economic/marketing terms), has a perfectly organized structure to work with distributors and importers.



Cup: 12057.23072018.127000586

Description of the project:

The general objectives of the project are attributable to the commercial settlement. In addition, today the company, after years of investments in brand positioning especially through participation in European exhibitions of international scope, enjoys an image within certain niche sectors of interest to the company.