The oil of Argania Spinosa is made up of about 80% unsaturated fatty acids (linoleic 34%, linolenic 0.1% and oleic 46%), 13% palmitic acid and 5% stearic acid.
It is rich in tocopherols (vitamin E), flavonoids, carotenoids, xanthophylls, sterols and triterpenes.  These antioxidant components give Argan oil a high stability in relation to the oxidative processes which allows it to have a long shelf life. By virtue of its high
concentration of essential fatty acids and vitamin E, Argan Oil ensures hydration to the skin, favoring oxygenation of the cells, protecting it from external aggression and neutralizing free radicals. It is rapidly absorbed, giving a sense of softness, smoothness and silkiness to the skin. It is used in formulations for hydrating, nourishing and anti-aging cosmetic products.
The oil’s emollient properties also make it suitable for products promoting firmness and stretch mark prevention.
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