This oil is rich in triterpenes, flavonoids, polysaccharides, carotenes, phytosterols and mucilage. This last substance gives the oil strong soothing properties. Calendula oil’s
immune stimulating capacity is due to its polysaccharide component.
The flavonoids have an anti-phlogistic effect on sensitive and inflamed skin. They stimulate re-epithelialization, accelerating the skin’s renewal and promoting the collagen synthesis activity of skin fibroblasts.  The presence of carotenoids give Calendula Officinalis extract a protective action against damage caused by sun-rays.  For these properties, Calendula Officinalis is utilized in various types of cosmetic preparations, in particular, in those for sensitive, inflamed or acne-prone skin. It is used in skin healing products, such as diaper rash and in products that moisturize the skin and protect it from irritations caused by mechanical and chemical agents.
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