This famous Vitamin has excellent emollient, repairing, elasticizing, soothing and restorative properties.
Free radicals formed by the action of UV rays, smoke and pollution degrade the fatty acids present in the skin and alter the structure of collagen. Thereby the skin loses elasticity and premature aging occurs with the formation of wrinkles.
In its various chemical forms, VITAMIN E holds a high anti-oxidant activity, able to dampen the reactivity of free radicals, blocking the cascade of events that determine oxidative stress and cell damage.
In the form of TOCOPHERIL acetate, more stable to oxidation, it is used in anti-aging creams and lotions, repairing and emollient products for body and face skin, elasticizing and anti-stretch mark products and dry skin products. It is also particularly suitable for anti-inflammatory products aimed at sensitive skin and with redness (also for children), for lip balms, nourishing repairing sticks for lips and in after-sun restorative products.
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