How to help sensitive skin

An inflamed and stressed skin is inevitably also dehydrated.
Not only cold, humidity and thermal changes can put a strain on the skin of the face but also psychological factors and inner discomfort situations.
Fortunately, nature comes to help: Aloe, Chamomile, Mallow and Calendula are just some of the many natural ingredients with strong decongestant and soothing properties.
The Moisturizing Cream for Sensitive Skin is the product of our face collection which par excellence helps to reduce redness, rosacea, unpleasant sensations of discomfort due to itching, tingling, genetic hypersensitivity or induced by external agents such as cold weather or sudden thermal changes.
Obviously, in addition to protecting and hydrating the skin, we should also properly moisturize and nourish our tissues from the inside, drinking at least 2 liters of water a day and relying on the health properties of the products that nature makes available to us right in this period.
Green light therefore to: Citrus fruits rich in vitamin C, essential for the correct formation of collagen; to Crucifers (cabbage and family) rich in Indole-3-Carbinol, an antioxidant and anti-cancer substance protective of blood vessels; to Pumpkin for pro-vitamin A, indispensable for the skin and eyesight; to Beetroot for iron, a mineral that brings more oxygen and blood to the tissues, keeping them young and turgid; to Green Leafy Vegetables such as chard, chicory and spinach, rich in Folic Acid (or Vitamin B9) essential for keeping Homocysteine levels low, therefore inflammation and for the proper functioning of DNA.

For a real cosmetic shock treatment we recommend using the Moisturizing Cream for Sensitive Skin after a proper cleansing and toning of the skin in combination with our Multivitamin Extract.

Let's see together, step by step, the treatment and prevention for skin prone to temporary or transitory acute hypersensitivity:

Step 1: our Eudermic Cleansing Milk, in addition to remove impurities and make-up from the skin, also has a soothing and protective action on the microcirculation, thanks to the combined action of some ingredients such as Green Tea and Blueberry.

Step 2: the Hyalu-Flor Tonic Lotion performs a combined action as it is highly moisturizing, soothing and re-elasticizing. The active substances present in the floral extracts of Hamamelis and Chamomile perform a powerful decongestant and anti-redness action, improving the functionality of the microcirculation.

Step 3: a few drops of Multivitamin Extract before the cream, or possibly mixed with it, works as a regenerating, hyper-nourishing and antioxidant booster. As a shock treatment for asphyxiated, dull, atonic skin and it can also be useful in moments of hypersensitivity thanks to a blend of precious oils (Borage, Linen, Almond and Olive) for a soothing action and attenuating eventual redness.

Step 4: thanks to its decongestant properties the Moisturizing Cream for Sensitive Skin acts by strengthening the skin's natural defenses, restoring the skin barrier and protecting it from external aggressions. Contains plant extracts with a soothing action such as Caper, Licorice, Calendula, Mallow, Altea, Chamomile and is enhanced with Panthenol and Allantoin, plant-derived molecules that help to counteract itching, reduce blemishes, rosacea and skin redness. To be used morning and evening massaging with gentle circular movements until completely absorbed.


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