Advice for those who didn’t have the perseverance to continue physical activity’s practice or to maintain a correct eating guideline. How to make up for lost time?

Let's start with the diet!

Intermittent fasting: to get quick results should be done intermittent fasting, i.e. skipping 3 or 4 meals a week, by letting pass at least 16 hours between meals.
Dinner is the preferred meal for fasting: you should therefore have lunch, have a light snack no later than 4pm and do not eat anything until breakfast the next day.
Drinking water and herbal teas, helps the temporary satiety effect and enhances the benefits of fasting by draining toxins.
Breakfast should always be preferred as the main meal, while lunch should be light but no less tasty. In fact, it should always start with mixed raw vegetables, which in addition to reduce hunger they alkalize and help digestion. Followed by whole carbohydrates with low or no gluten content, such as ancient grains, rice, quinoa, rye, millet, buckwheat. Proteins cannot miss, whether they are animal or vegetable origin.
For the rest....
Fruit should be eaten between meals, to avoid fermentation... Let's remember that it contains sugar, so it should be eaten in moderate quantities.
Dinner Dinner must be light, favoring vegetables and proteins (in small quantities).
Obviously to be avoided: sweets, alcohol, sweet drinks, fried food, cold cuts and various chips.


Physical activity

A good “remise en forme” cannot fail to take into account adequate and constant physical activity. An hour walk at a brisk pace or moderate physical activity is sufficient, as long as it is done consistently: perfect sports for toning and stretching are: pilates, yoga, swimming.


Little extra help

Drinking herbal teas or taking detox and draining supplements can be an extra help to accelerate the achievement of your goal: Dandelion, Milk Thistle, Nettle and Birch , are just some of the many proposals that you can find in pharmacy or health food stores
To be combined with lymphatic drainage or modeling massages, spa treatments in in specialized structures, mesotherapy or carboxytherapy, all techniques that have to be performed by specialized doctors.
The improved result of the microcirculation will give a sensation of lightness to the lower limbs and a visible reduction of the adipose panniculus and the "orange peel" effect.
To conclude ... the most important thing:take care of yourself!