Friend of our mood, enemy of our skin. "Photo aging is the aging process caused by sun damage" explains Dr. Emanuela Bartolozzi, an authority in the field of aesthetic medicine who has developed a new generation sunscreen’s line ( The radiations most responsible for this damage are UVB and UVA. "UVB are responsible for the erythema, UVA are more devious because they are more penetrating, they damage the DNA and the deep structures of the dermis such as collagen and elastin - emphasizes the doctor -. Most of the sunscreens on the market, especially in the past years, were formulated with filters only for UVB. Recently, the innovation is to add filters also for the UVA wavelengths and new molecules: real allies that act both as micro-pigments, therefore as a physical screen and as chemical filters, reducing risks and potential toxicity ".



Author : Letizia Cini

Published by: Qn - Il Giorno - La Nazione - Il resto del Carlino